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OSI Accounts Payable Interface

Houston, TX – January 3, 2008 - Management Systems Consulting LLC (MSC) has completed the design, development, and integration of the Accounts Payable Interface from the ABS NS5 operational software to their Solomon financial system for Ocean Shipholdings Inc (OSI). This development makes OSI the first MARAD Ship Manager to have the interface fully integrated and operating in production.

This interface allows OSI to streamline their business process in procuring and accounting for the items that they use to operate their vessels by completely integrating the two systems. “The interface greatly reduces the workload of the both the procurement and accounting staff, allowing us to concentrate on the efficient operation of the vessels” says John James, Vice President, Treasurer and Controller of OSI.

“The interface is designed to evolve with OSI's business Rules, which are configurable in the interface, as well as satisfy all requirements of the auditors when integrating disparate systems” says Michael Johnson, Principal, MSC. One notable addition to the interface is the daily report that is provided which isolates potential data problems in the operational software, long before it has any detrimental effect on the financial software. “These ‘pre-checks' allow for OSI to better manage their process and invoke corrective actions in a timely manner” says Johnson.