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Teekay Implements MSC Reporting for NS5—Oracle Version


Teekay has joined over thirty other customers in their implementation of MSC Reporting (a complete reporting solution for NS5).  Teekay is currently running the Oracle version of the NS5 software and required a reporting solution that could operate on this database platform.  Using the flexible design architecture embedded in MSC products, MSC was able to quickly extend their standard reporting product to provide complete support for the Oracle database platform.  
In addition to the reporting warehouse, Teekay has also procured approximately two dozen standard reports for NS5.  What is unique about the reporting solution is the inclusion of a “team concept” which allows the reports be run on groups of vessels (i.e. Teams), allowing quick report generation across many different groups of vessels at once.  The selection of reports includes both standard reports offered by MSC as well as custom reports that specifically fit the data needs of Teekay.